Professionalism in Social Networking

13 Sep

As a student it is hard to determine which social networks are safest for young professionals. It is common to hear about potential employers checking their interviewees personal websites before hiring them.

Websites that are public like Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr are accessible for any average Joe on the internet.

According to a website devoted to social networking it is important to think about the content that you use. “Think before you post; if you are ever in doubt then don’t post it.”

Many personal profile websites are not completely safe though– Facebook and Myspace are both websites known to “sell” content to potential employers and release personal information to the public. Make sure you clean up your bio and profile pictures even if you think they are not visible to outsiders.

 “No matter the network, the objective for setting up your profile must always be kept in mind. Be extremely cognizant of status updates, photos used and videos posted,” Deidre Brathwaite.

Now that we have discussed the don’ts, let’s discuss some do’s.

DO make sure to use the right tone.

      • Are you writing from a professional point of view? Use creative and efficient word choice.

DO make sure  to proofread.

      • Check, double check, then check again. Have a co-worker or friend read your post for mistakes before updating it to the main server.

DO make sure to stay on topic.

      • Try not to veer off topic too much. Be aware of which social network you are using and who is reading it.

DO make sure to research.

      • Make sure what you are posting is true. Posting untrue information may hurt your credibility.
DO market yourself.
  • Social networking is a FREE way to market yourself as a young professional– post wisely.
Below is a video (just so you know how big social media really is).

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